“AGATHA CHRISTIE ON STAGE”, Composition for Symphony Orchestra and rock-electronic group:

Semi-Finalist in «LOS ANGELES CINEFEST» de Hollywood (Los Angeles, EUA) in the «Film Score» category (7 December, 2019).
– Finalist in «LOS ANGELES CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARDS» in Hollywood (Los Angeles, EUA) in the «Best Original Music Score» category (December 1, 2019).
– Finalist in «NEAR NAZARETH FESTIVAL» in Afula (ISRAEL) in the «Music/Songs/Songwritting Contest» category (December 1, 2019).
– WINNER i“ASIAN CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARDS” in Manila (PHILIPPINES) in the “Best Music Score” (November 3, 2019).
WINNER in “CANADIAN CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARDS” in Toronto (CANADA) in the “Best Original Score” category (October 20, 2019).
– WINNER in “CULT CRITIC MOVIE AWARDS” in Calcutta (INDIA) in the “Best Film Score-Soundtrack” (October 17, 2019).
– Officially Selected at “INDIEX SHORT FEST” in Los Ángeles (California, USA) in the “Best Original Score/Audio Files) (October 13, 2019).
WINNER in “STARSHINE FILM FESTIVAL” in Battipaglia, Salerno (ITALY, EU) in the “Best Original Score” category (October 13, 2019).
WINNER in “EUROPEAN CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARDS” in Amsterdam (HOLLAND, EU) in the  “Best Original Score/Composition” (October 12, 2019).
WINNER with an “HONORABLE MENTION” in “QUEEN PALM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL” First Quarter, 2020 Season in Palm Spring (California, EUA) in the “Best Original Score/Composition” (September 20, 2019).
WINNER in “CALCUTTA INTERNATIONAL CULT FILM FESTIVAL” in Clacutta (INDIA) in the “Best Film Score/Soundtrack” category (September 11, 2019).
– WINNER in “CROWN WOOD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL” in Calcutta (INDIA) in the “Best Film Score” category (September 8, 2019).
Officially Selected at “INDIE SHORT FEST” in Los Ángeles (California, USA) in the “Best Original Score” category (August 25, 2019).
Finalist in “NEW YORK CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARDS” in New York (NY, USA) in the “Best Film Score” category (August 15, 2019).
WINNER at “CINEMAFEST” in New York (NY, USA) in the “MUSIC (Singles, Concerts, Film Scores)” category (July 12, 2019).
Officially Selected at “APHRODITE FILM AWARDS” in New York (NY, USA) in the “Best Piece of Music” category (July 12, 2019).

25th anniversary of the NGO “The Medical Smile” with the presentation of the album “Cançonassos”, which includes a dozen songs that clowns usually sing in their day to day in the hospital.


Recorded and produced by GimEnez Bros    Ultima Hora Link

“EL GEGANT EGOISTA” Officially nominated in the XIV edition of the “JERRY GOLDSMITH AWARDS” (2019) in the Performing Arts Category.

Original composition for white voices and piano, based on the homonymous work of the writer, poet and playwright of Irish origin, Oscar Wilde (Dublin 1854- Paris 1900).
Written and designed for the scene, it is a musical play, premiered at the Main Theater of Palma de Mallorca, on May 28, 2016 by the white voices Choir of the Theater itself, with the stage direction of Carles Puyols and the Xisca Mir’s musical direction.
The work consists of 9 musical pieces, three of them for piano solo, which as a soundtrack helps the description of the scene.

“IN OCTOBER”, Composition for Symphony Orchestra and electronics:

– WINNER “NEAR NAZARETH FESTIVAL” in Afula (ISRAEL) in the «Music/Songs/Songwritting Contest» category (December 1, 2019).
– WINNER in “WORLD FILM CARNIVAL” in Singapore (SG, ASIA) in the “Best Film Score – Soundtrack” category (November 14, 2019).
– Officially Selected at “INDIE SHORT FEST” in Los Ángeles (California, USA) in the “Best Original Score/Audio Files” category (October 17, 2019)
– WINNER in “CALCUTTA INTERNATIONAL CULT FILM FESTIVAL” in Calcutta (INDIA) in the “Best Film Score/Soundtrack” category (October 13, 2019).
– Finalist in “NEW YORK CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARDS” in New York (NY, USA) in the “Best Film Score” category (October 12, 2019).

WINNER in “CROWN WOOD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL” in Calcutta (INDIA) in the “Best Film Score” category (October 10, 2019).
WINNER in “CULT CRITIC MOVIE AWARDS” in Calcutta (INDIA) in the “Best Films Score/Soundtrack” category (September 16, 2019).
WINNER in “STARSHINE FILM FESTIVAL” (ITALY) in the “Best Original Score” category, (August 31, 2019).
Officially Selected at “APHRODITE FILM AWARDS” in New York (NY, USA) in the “Best Piece of Music” category (July 12, 2019).

Premiere of “DUES DANSES CUBISTES” performed by the Orchestra of the Contemporary Music of the Professional Conservatory of Felanitx, conducted by Josep Prohens (July, 2019).

Article published in Link on the “XIII edition of l’Encontre de Música Contemporània”.

“AGATHA CHRISTIE ON STAGE”, Award-winning composition with 2 Bronze Medals at the prestigious “GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS” Contest in Los Angeles (California, USA) in the Classical-Crossover and Best Composer categories (June 5, 2019).

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